What to Expect from Antler Roofing

 1. Upon request, we’re happy to provide you a free hail report for your address. See example report.

2. Upon request, we’re happy to schedule a free roof inspection, where we will take a detailed analysis of the condition of your entire roof and all roofing materials

3. Upon request, we will be available to meet with your insurance adjustor for their scheduled roof inspection; often this makes a huge difference to help ensure nothing was missed and that your interests are properly represented.

4. If you select Antler Roofing to install your new roof, our specialist will coordinate with you on an acceptable start date and notify you of arrival.

5. We will verify that the materials used are the ones specified in the contract and are of the right type, quality, and color. We always check to ensure that materials have proper labels, certifications, and markings.

6. We protect landscaping and your pool, if applicable, with tarps during installation. 

7. We examine the roof deck for any signs of damage or deterioration before the new roof is installed.

 8. During the build, your Antler Roofing specialist is on site to project manage your roof installation and ensure a smooth build day. 

9. Upon completion of the build, we pick up nails, trash, and debris as well as remove all tarps and materials.

 10. If any debris from the build falls into a neighbor’s yard, Antler Roofing will clean it up, with permission from the neighbor.

11. A final walk-through will be completed with you to ensure your satisfaction.